Usage of Astronomer Enterprise Edition (EE) requires a subscription.


You have created and tested your Airflow DAG locally via the astro-cli. This guide will show you how to deploy a DAG to your Astronomer EE cluster.


Authenticating With Your Registry

The first setting we need to configure is the location of your private Docker registry. This houses all Docker images pushed to your Astronomer EE deploy. By default it is located at registry.[baseDomain]. If you are unsure about which domain you deployed Astronomer EE to, you can refer back to the baseDomain in your config.yaml.

Run the following command from your project root directory:

astro auth login -d [baseDomain]

At this point you will be prompted for your registry username and password. These credentials are the same as what you supplied to the registry-auth secret during your Astronomer EE install.


We have now configured the astro-cli to point at your Astronomer EE deploy and are ready to push your first DAG. You will need the release name of your Astronomer EE deployment. This release name was created by the Helm package manager during your Astronomer EE deploy. If you are unsure of what release name was created for your deploy, you can run helm ls to get a list of all Helm releases and find the one that has an “Updated” timestamp corresponding to the time at which you deployed Astronomer EE. If it is still unclear which Helm release you should deploy to, it is best to contact your cluster Administrator.

astro airflow deploy [release-name]

After running this command you will see some stdout as the CLI builds and pushes images to your private registry. After a deploy, you can view your updated instance. If using the default install this will be located at airflow.[baseDomain].