Usage of Astronomer Enterprise Edition (EE) requires a subscription.

Install Astronomer CLI

Note: we currently have two CLIs called astro, one for our Cloud Edition and this new CLI for Enterprise Edition. We’re working to merge them, but for the time being, the Enterprise CLI is called astro-cli. If you’re not using our Cloud Edition CLI, you can alias astro-cli to astro.

See the README in for complete installation instructions.

Choose some DAGs + verify they run locally

  • Choose some DAGs, preferably simple ones to start, that you want to deploy to Astronomer Enterprise Edition.
  • Start with fresh build - astro airflow init - make sure you know what’s in your installation
  • Copy a real DAG into the folder
  • Check Airflow UI, see if code loaded (it probably didn’t)
  • Fix your DAG or Airflow environment
    • Add supporting code/connections/variables/pool
    • Maybe just want to copy over all your DAGs vs. going one-by-one because it can be tedious
    • Maybe you have some issues w/ Python 2 to Python 3
    • Plugins might be failing under the hood. Check webserver logs.
  • Verify everything is running locally before deploying.

Deploy to production

  • Pause current production DAG wherever it’s currently running
  • Install Astronomer Enterprise on Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, following this guide.