Usage of Astronomer Enterprise Edition (EE) requires a subscription.

Installing Minikube

Installing minikube requires a Hypervisor to run the MiniKube VM.


  • Ensure Kubectl is installed on your machine
  • HomeBrew for Mac
  • A VM Hypervisor, Minikube has driver support for the following hypervisors:
    • virtualbox
    • vmwarefusion
    • kvm (driver installation)
    • hyperkit (driver installation)
    • xhyve (driver installation) (deprecated)

Note: It is possible to run Minikube directly on the host machine, without a VM. This can be done by setting the driver flag to ‘none’ as –vm-driver=none. Docker is required if not using a hypervisor.


There are a number of hypervisor options for Mac:

In terminal run brew cask install minikube


In terminal run: curl -Lo minikube && chmod +x minikube && sudo mv minikube /usr/local/bin/

This command will install the latest version of MiniKube and add a PATH for minikube.


The windows installer is currently experminetal, you can download it here: minikube-windows-amd64. Once downloaded, rename the file to minikube.exe and manually add it to your environment PATH.

For help setting the environment path in Windows 10, see this guide.

Kuburnetes Quickstart

For more minikube resoureces, check out the Kuburnetes Quickstart Guide