Usage of Astronomer Enterprise Edition (EE) requires a subscription.

Astronomer Platform dictionary

Familiarize yourself with basic platform terminology. Some content may be duplicated across other guides but will contain more detail and context around the terms.

  • Astronomer Platform — All of the Astronomer Core and Deployment-Specific components which live on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Astronomer Core — The core applications that make up the Astronomer Platform. There is only one instance of each component with a single Astronomer install.
  • Deployment Components — The applications specific to a single Airflow deployment.
  • Platform Install — A single installation of the Astronomer Platform. Will include the core components as well as deployment components for each deployment created on your cluster.
  • Astronomer Project — An Airflow project directory containing dependency files. In most circumstances it is one to one with a production deployment.
  • Deployment — A named Airflow cluster. Mapped to only a single Astronomer project.
  • Workspace — Workspaces contain a group of Airflow Cluster Deployments.

Platform Components

  • astro-cli — A command line tool giving the programmatic access to the Astronomer Platform.
  • houston-api — A GraphQL API responsible for handling request from the user or user-level platform components (astro-cli, orbit-ui).
  • commander — Handles gRPC requests from the houston-api in order to provision, update and delete Airflow deployments on the Astronomer Platform.
  • orbit-ui — A webUI built on React. Provides a clean visual experience for users who will be administrating and monitoring the platform.

Airflow Components

  • Executor — Executors are the mechanism by which task instances get run.
  • Webserver — The user interface for monitoring, administrating and developing Airflow.
  • Scheduler — The Airflow scheduler monitors all tasks and all DAGs, and triggers the task instances whose dependencies have been met.