Usage of Astronomer Enterprise Edition (EE) requires a subscription.

Release 0.3 (~July 2018)

  • CLI
    • Delete Airflow clusters
    • Replace our current simple user system with OAuth
      • Start by supporting Google auth only first
      • astro auth login will present a link to oauth login form
      • First user who logs in becomes the owner of the deployed astronomer platform
      • Eliminate “basic auth” hack and allow users to log into a UI that authenticates with Houston (our GraphQL API).
  • Teams API
    • Users can create a team
    • Team members can invite others to their team
    • Team admins can create an Airflow cluster for their team
    • I can set one role for each user for the Astronomer Platform — Platform Owner (first person), Platform Admin (e.g., K8s cluster, Grafana access), User
    • I can set roles for an Airflow cluster — Owner (first person), Admin, Deploy
  • Astronomer UI
    • Login/logout w/ Google Oauth (using bitly oauth service)
    • CRUD Airflow Clusters
    • CRUD Teams
    • CRUD User Groups
    • CRUD Invitations
    • CRUD Roles
  • Monitoring (Telemetry)
    • Monitoring API endpoint to receive data, which allows us to proactively monitor (EE) customer Airflow instances
    • Kube job that queries Prometheus and pushes Airflow task success/failure count metrics to the Astronomer Monitoring API, with config option to the charts for this feature, as some customers Kubernetes environment may block direct communication w/ internet

Release 0.4

  • RBAC
    • Investigate mapping our permissions to Airflow’s new RBAC UI
  • Service Accounts
    • Generate token for CI/CD pipeline
    • Integrate w/ UI

Release 0.5

  • Logging
    • Add elasticsearch and fluentd components w/ helm as part of the Astronomer Platform initial deployment
    • Use fluentd and elasticsearch to pipe Airflow task logs to Airflow UI
    • Use fluentd and elasticsearch to pipe scheduler and web-server logs to Astronomer UI
  • Kubernetes Executor
    • Replace Celery, Flower, Redis for Kuberenetes Executor
    • Platform owner can set concurrency per Airflow Cluster
    • Cluster owner CRUD custom task pod sizes
    • User can change concurrency and worker size for an Airflow cluster
  • UI
    • webserver/scheduler status
    • airflow cluster dashboard (routing prometheus queries through houston)
    • team dashboard (routing prometheus queries through houston)
    • account dashboard (routing prometheus queries through houston)
    • Improve astronomer platform grafana dashboard
    • all functionality of CLI

Release 0.6

  • Astronomer Operator
    • Could make upgrade process of Astronomer Platform even easier


  • Other Oauth providers, as requested
  • Audit Logging. Collect audit logs, present in UI.
  • Platform usage metrics. Present trends for daily DAGs, tasks, user engagement in UI.
  • Airflow package manager. Provide command line interface to bring in plugins.
  • Astronomer Kubernetes Operator
  • Improvements to Airflow UI (it should update in real time)